Elevate Your Game with Premium Deck Storage & Elegant Metal D&D Dice

Happy Customers

I took a chance and ordered a few sets of dice from this manufacturer all at once. Shipping was quick, about 2 weeks. Quality is very good, no obvious flaws. My picture taken under daylight and soft white light mixed on a well used coffee table with a pixel 8 pro. Their pictures look a little better than real life, but ultimately I'm still very pleased.

I’ve ordered two sets of liquid core dice from this shop now and both of them were absolutely stunning! They have a nice feeling to them, the liquid cores are lovely and genuinely they’re much prettier than the listing photos in person. These dice also arrived quickly and I 100% will be buying more of them! They even included an extra D20 which is just as beautiful. Unfortunately I did forget to take a photo of the other set before wrapping them before Christmas but again! They’re stunning!